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Ilagala Education and Vocational Training Centre (EVTC) that is owned by KIOO is located in Ilagala village. Ilagala village is found 66 Km south of Kigoma on the lake side road towards the Malagarasi river ferry crossing. Ilagala is a name of the village, ward and at the same time is a name of a division, as a village is having 14 sub-villages, as a ward is having 5 villages and as a division is having 20 villages. The village communities are engaged mainly in fishing, palm oil, beans and maize cultivation. It is an area of very low educational attainment. The drop-out percentage from schools is very high with a disturbingly high teenage pregnancy rate. Many youngsters are identified as vulnerable children, orphans, abandoned and some are disabled. Educationally most of the children identified were at primary and some at secondary level, but there were some who have not got opportunities of attending none of them. Also in those who have got opportunities to be at school have been school dropping-outs because they are needed to take care of families, it has seen most of the children living with their grant mothers and fathers while others are living with their young brothers and sisters. KIOO proposed the centre which may help to build their capacity through vocational and life skills. The drop-out percentage from schools is very high with a disturbingly high teenage pregnancy rate. In keeping in mind about the situation KIOO proposed to build the capacity of young people from poorest families through vocational training; the centre is principally at remedial/supplementary education for primary school drop-outs and vocational training in different aspects like computer, carpentry, soap making, welding, masonry, business and entrepreneurship and tailoring to provide employment prospects in local trades. KIOO proposed this intervention by keeping in mind that once these young people have obtained this knowledge it will enable them to compete for employments that will enable them to get income which will help their families to those living with their grant parents and for those living with their young sisters and brothers will sustain their studies. Types of students that are admitted to this college The center is receiving three types of students. The first type of students are those whom their school fees is paid by a certain organization like. Most of these students are brought to the collage by the said organization under the criteria that have been set aside by that particular organization. The second type of students are those students that has no ability to pay any contribution but they are able and willing to take one of the courses that are offered at the college, these are identified by the college board in collaboration with village most vulnerable children committees and village leadership.Third type of students are those with ability to pay for the services they need. These are the potential for sustainability and support to those who has no ability. It has been agreed that any income that will come to the collage from these ability to pay people it is directed that 50% of the income will work for running costs while 30% of the remain will be for collage development including adding more infrastructures and the rest 20% is for KIOO projects with