Welcome to Wawezeshaji KIOO(KIOO)

Wawezeshaji (KIOO) is a voluntary, non-governmental, organization based in Kigoma. It was established in November 9, 2004. The organization is registered as Non-Government Organization (NGO) under the Societies Ordinance of 1954 with registration certificate number SO 12793.

Our main office is in Kigoma district in Ilagala village almost 66 kilometers south wards from Kigoma town,It comes from the former REFLECT,ACCESS and STAPING STONE facilitators who were facilitated by Action Aid International in Ilagala Division in Kigoma region western part of Tanzania. We as the facilitators we were and still having cycles in villages forming Ilagala Division. These cycles are increasing day to day and its number had increased from 16 cycles to 45 cycles. Number of participants also had increased from 1600 to 4500. These cycles are used by the community as a source of idea, information, innovation and transformation of new knowledge. Different methodologies are being used, most and the highest one is STAR methodologies and Reflect.