KIOO has been working in Kigoma rural since 2004; for more than 10 years of our operation we have realized that more than 1000 women are facing the challenge of accessing their daily basic needs due to lack of income, single parents and widows are the most impacted by the problem. In the fishing camps and tobacco farming areas orphans and children are used as cheap labour and girls and women are used as cooks. The heads of the fishing camps use their financial power to manipulate girls and women to associate in sexual acts. Women and girls who are in needs of money are trapped by that tactic. This practice has increased number of single female parents in the area, worse enough after being impregnated women and girls are terminated from work and the responsible men refuse to take care of the mother and the child. In so doing children find them in difficult condition of not going to school and engaging in child labour at low pay. KIOO has managed to establish educational and vocational training centre in Ilagala village for the purpose of serving vulnerable children, orphans, single mothers and disabled people in the communities. They are provided with skill on Tailoring, Carpentry, Masonry and Welding.We have learned that after completion of the course graduates do not apply the acquired skills due to lack of capital to establish entrepreneurship projects. Therefore the proposed project intends to provide entrepreneurship skills and support the graduates with the working tools that will enable them to apply the skills acquired from the training. The project will focus on providing entrepreneurship training skills to women groups and supporting women to set- up saving and Credits scheme which will enable them to have access to credits at low interest rates. Additionally, women will be supported to form business enterprises as well as training on basic accounting procedures. Apart from training, the project will support graduates with projects start up tools and Capital in order for them to make use of the skills acquired. The project is intending to establish one tailoring mart and 2 carpentry groups in each village.The project will also Download Fileprioritize interventions to enhance physical security of women and girls specifically with regard to sexual and gender based Violence. Twenty eight (28) village will be covered. The interventions we are proposing for these rural women will be done through our existing training centre in Ilagala village. Both women and graduates will be mobilized to form enterprises for easy coordination and supervision. The implementation period of this project is three years. Direct beneficiaries of this project for this project will be single female parents, widows and vocational skills training graduates. The project is targeting 250 graduates and 1000 women from 28 villages in Kigoma rural district. All of this support will be given through their entrepreneurship groups which will be established by our organization. Indirect beneficiaries are expected to be family members and children. Generally 1250 households with estimation of 6,250 people are expected to be impacted by the projects